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Writing prompt #15 – When humans ruled the earth

Stephen Ong has created an insight into the human machine and it’s consumption addiction.

  • Write about your response to this quote:  ‘If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.’ – Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Think about one aspect of the environment or animal world which we have exploited and imagine a better solution
  • What would happen if animals exploited us?
  • You are elected to save the world from human destruction. Your mission starts now…
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Discussion prompt #1 – How observant are you?

Hopefully students haven’t seen this video before, but some of them probably have. That’s why you have to stress to the students that if they’ve seen the video before they are not to say ANYTHING! otherwise it will ruin the exercise.

After watching this video you could discuss the idea of awareness –

  • are we as aware of things as we think we are?
  • how well do we notice things?
  • is our awareness selective?
  • can our awareness of things be distracted?
  • is our memory of perceived events subjective? unreliable?
  • should we believe our perception of events?
  • are boys and girls different in what they notice?

After class discussion students could write their own responses in the comment box under this post.

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