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Discussion prompt #3 – Five dangerous things for kids

Watch this film about Five dangerous things you should let your children do.

  • What was your reaction while watching this talk?
  • Where you surprised that the speaker was advocating putting potentially dangerous things into kids’ hands?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the speaker? Why?
  • Do you think kids today are over-protected? Give situations where you think they might be.
  • What is your opinion about how your parents raised you in relation to dangerous things?
  • What kind of parent do you think you’ll be? How protective will you be?
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Writing prompt #10 – Share your story

What is life like for kids in other parts of the world?

Read about children from different countries, their school and home life, and their customs, what they like to eat or how they spend their free time on this website.

How would you feel being a primary school student in Japan?

We also scrub the classroom and halls. My classmates and I have to clean the whole classroom! We pick up paper that fell onto the floor, we sweep the room, and we wipe it with a cloth. We even clean the erasers! I wear rubber boots when I’m cleaning the bathrooms. All of us help clean the things around us.

After you’ve browsed through different accounts, think about what kids from other countries would find interesting and different about your life and schooling in Australia.

Write about your life as a student in Australia. Include some pictures.

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