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Discussion prompt #4 – Cubehead advertisement

This is a very clever and original advertisement.

Think about and discuss the following questions:

1. What role does the element of surprise play in this advertisement? How did you feel when you saw the man’s face?

2. Were you expecting the advertisement to be for a drink? How is the idea of the man’s face connected to the drink?

3. The message ‘clicks’ at the end of the advertisement. Do you think this is an effective way to advertise, to keep people wondering until the end? Why is that?

4.  The technology of this ad is impressive. How important is technology in the making of this ad, and in the making of ads in general?

5. How important is the idea or concept for the success of the ad? Is the concept more or less important than the gimmicks or special effects? Give reasons for your answer.

6. The caption at the end reads ‘Brains perform best when they’re hydrated’. How important is the caption to the advertisement? What role does it play in the ad, and how effective is it at the end of the advertisement?

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