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Deception, lies, magic and ipods

The composer Debussy said:

Art is the greatest deception of all. Art is the deception that creates real emotion, a lie that creates a truth, and when you give yourself over to that deception it becomes magic.

Use this video and Debussy’s quote about art and deception to write/compose something of your own.

Here’s the link to Marco Tempest’s website.

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Discussion #5 – But is it art?

Watch this video of  graffiti – in Vienna.  Discuss the following questions:

  • Do you think street art is art?
  • What is the difference between street art and vandalism?
  • Should there be more places for ‘legal graffiti’?
  • Why do you think people risk getting caught for illegal graffiti?
  • Do you think graffiti is a political expression? Explain.
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Writing prompt #8 – The singing lesson

Russian animation by Anatoly Petrov 1968

Write about

  • a singing lesson
  • a piano lesson
  • a football training session
  • an art lesson
  • a cooking lesson

with a difference!

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