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What are our rights with the advertising industry?

It seems everything the street artist, Banksy, does is provocative.

Dammit, Banksy is a legend. Not content with smuggling his work into international galleries, satirising the snooty nosed high-end art world, and making searing commentary on big ticket talking points, the British street artist has now weighed into advertising with a damning critique of how the industry makes itself more powerful by making the rest of us feel completely inadequate. (Read full article in Lost in E Minor here)

Do you agree with Banksy? Are public advertisements ‘yours to take, re-arrange and re-use’? 

Here is a selection of Banksy’s street art.


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How to use artwork or images to generate ideas for writing or discussion

Images (still or moving) are an excellent way to generate ideas which can be used for discussion or writing. Here’s a bit of help with that; I found this on the amazing Art Inspired wiki.

Use artwork or photos to generate ideas, critical and creative thinking.

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Writing prompt #11 – Speeding up life

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here are some ideas for writing based on Time as a theme:

  • You realise that time is going backwards. What will you do to stop yourself from becoming a baby again?
  • You can see into the future. You realise that in 6 years the world will end due to one person’s error. How can you prevent this from happening?
  • Time is going so slowly and nothing ever changes. You feel you’re going mad, until…
  • You know for certain that you have lived in ancient Egyptian times. You try to convince your friends about this.
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Writing prompt #1

This is a great idea by Bud the Teacher in his post for prompt 26.

Use these words to write a short story or poem. You can add small words (eg. prepositions and articles) like at, to, from and the, a, he, she, etc.

So why don’t you try to write something – poem (rhyming or non-rhyming), short story, stream of consciousness or anything else you can think of?

Alternatively, here’s an online interactive fridge magnet website. Move the words around and have a play before you use these words to inspire your own writing.

You can see what others have written as a response to Bud the Teacher’s prompt here.

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