Lightning Bug

17 May

Photo courtesy of Yagosan on Flickr

Lightning Bug promises to help you write a story from beginning to end.

There’s so much here; you’re sure to find something to help you in your writing process.

Author websites are often full of ideas and tips for writing.Here is a list of author websites from Lightning Bug:

Writing World is a recommended website, and features articles like Creative uses of magic in your fantasy story.

Very useful is the dictionary of last names to help you with all your character names.

Lightning Bug even has writing exercises to help with writers’ block.

When developing your story, Lightning Bug helps by getting you to think about your characters, getting you to think about what sort of writer (and person) you are, helping you with structure and voice (show, don’t tell), and giving you an idea of how to mindmap your story or storyboard it before you start writing.

I like the way Lightning Bug talks about developing a sense of place in the story:

Your sense of place or setting are the things that make up your world. Think of it like the colour in the page … it helps your readers immerse themselves in your story.

I think you’ll find something that’s useful on Lightning Bug – have a look for yourself.

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